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Making an Azure static website EVEN MORE secure

Remember how I was congratulating myself that I’d made my static website, that is hosted on Azure, secure? How I’d bought and uploaded an SSL certificate, and made the site only accessible via HTTPS? Well, HA! I say that, because Barry Dorrans (self-described as “Microsoft's .NET security person”) was ‘kind’ enough to point out that I hadn’t really finished the job. I hadn’t added the proper “security headers” (WTF are they?) via a web.config (wut? it’s a static site!) and that I should...


Making an Azure static website secure

One thing that’s been niggling at the back of my mind for a little while, is that of making my various domains secure. Getting and installing a certificate. Making HTTPS the default. Using SSL. All that jazz, mostly triggered by the news that Chrome and Firefox are going to start shaming – er, sorry, indicating in the address bar – those sites that are not secure. But, OK, I admit it, all the stuff I’ve read just seems to point out how deeply involved it all is, how expensive, and so on. This ain...


Commodore SR4921

Back in the day, the second calculator I owned was a Commodore SR 4190R , a fun little beast. Once I’d found a replacement for the one I had (it’d got lost at some point) and I’d found an example of its more “experienced” brother, the SR 9190R, I decided to try and get copies of all the similarly-bodied calculators that Commodore had made back in the 70s, maybe half a dozen or so. It didn’t take too long, but there was one of that type that just eluded me, the SR4921. Until earlier this month, that...


Scam Domain Name Renewal from iDNS

For some reason, it’s been so long since I’ve had such an obvious scam letter , that getting this yesterday was like receiving a missive from a long lost friend. Let’s see… One of my domain names is expiring in July! They’re prompting me to renew! But with them! $45 for a year, or – watch out for these savings! – two years for $80 and saving $10! If I plump for 5 years, I’ll save $45! Wow! Better stop there before I wear out my exclamation mark key! Ooh, important letter! The company name is redolent...