Using Amazon S3 for serving images

In my previous post on the K&E Deci-Lon slide rule, the normal sized images in the text were linked to some monster images for extra detail (and there is a lot of detail in a finely-machined slide rule — it's geek porn!). Since each monster image was of the order of 3 to 4MB in size I didn't want to soak up my fixed-sized, limited Go-Daddy bandwidth to host them.

About a year ago I'd signed up for Amazon S3 for off-site backup purposes using Jungle Disk. That's been working very well for me (I average about $10 a month), so hosting monster images on it was a definite option.

I looked around for some information about how to do this easily and came across this nicely written explanatory blog post. It pointed me to this Firefox extension (S3Fox) that makes maintaining your Amazon S3 buckets very easy.

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