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Cavalry tamper proof seal

Short and sweet story. […]


Apple answers the FCC

At the end of the last month, the FCC jumped all over the news that Apple (or was it AT&T?) had nixed Google Voice. It asked various questions of all three companies, to be replied to by return of post or thereabouts. […]


Now Playing plug-in for WLW failing for Amazon

I use the Now Playing plug-in for Windows Live Writer to give those quick sections at the bottom of a post to show what I'm listening to as I write the post. I just realized with the previous post that the plug-in is now failing to retrieve the data from Amazon so the embedded URLs in the generated HTML are broken. Sorry about that. […]


Freeze Frame Fail - Lewis series 3, episode 2

You'd have thought producers would have realized by now that their film or television episode is going to make it onto DVD or, lately, Blu-Ray. In fact they want it to be on DVD; if only for the extra revenues. But suddenly their audience is no longer just sitting there watching it "live", unable to interact, but now have the remote control in hand ready to freeze the action so that they can take a break or answer the phone. […]


Acer's Windows Home Server

I dashed off a quick "Message from the CTO" about disk drives failure probabilities and backups for the eighth DevExpress newsletter, and, for such a quick message, it really resonated with the customers. It's always the way: it seems the longer I spend polishing some bit of writing, the less it'll jibe with people, whereas if I knock it off in 10 minutes flat, it becomes the most highly-commented post ever. […]


PCPlus 271: Binary heaps

I write a monthly column for PCPlus, a computer news-views-n-reviews magazine in the UK (actually there are 13 issues a year — there's an Xmas issue as well — so it's a bit more than monthly). The column is called Theory Workshop and appears in the back of every issue. When I signed up, my editor and the magazine were gracious enough to allow me to reprint the articles here after say a year or so. After all, the PDFs do appear on each issue's DVD after a few months. When I buy the current issue, I'll publish the article from the issue a year ago. Since I've now got August's issue (and have had it for a couple of weeks), here's August 2008's article. […]