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Open sourcing EZDSL on GitHub

Finally, and I mean FINALLY, I’ve uploaded my old Data Structures Library for Delphi (EZDSL) to GitHub. I’ve been meaning to do it for a while, and now it’s there and you can download it, issue pull requests, the whole nine yards. I also updated it for the Delphi XE series (the last time I ‘officially’ updated it was for Delphi 2009). It includes linked lists (single and double), queues, deques, priority queues, binary trees, binary sort trees, a mildly-broken red-black tree, hash tables, skip lists, and a binary array. The type of data objects you can store are limited only by your imagination, but be warned, they’re just pointers in the interface and you’ll have to be adept at casting back and forth. […]


CST-01: the world’s thinnest watch

OK, this is a weird one. Well over two years ago now, there was a Kickstarter for a watch. Not just any old watch, or even a smart watch, just the thinnest one in the world. It’s 0.8mm thin, or, for you non-metric types, 0.00315 inches. All it does is tell the time. So, I plonked down my $99 as one of the original backers and pretty much forgot about it, as I do with anything I back on Kickstarter. […]