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Putting on the Blue Apron

In our house, we’ve divided up what might be called the food duties. I’m the savory cook and Donna the pastry chef. It’s not like we sat down early on in our relationship and threw the dice, I’m just not interested baking cakes, making cookies, rolling out pastry for a fruit pie, whereas Donna is. She on the other hand would way prefer someone else do the meats, the veg, the salads. […]


The Auto Warranty sleaze

A month ago, we purchased my wife’s Acura off the lease. She’d done less than 30,000 miles in the three years she’d had it, there was nothing wrong with it, and there wasn’t anything available for the models she liked, in the colors and with the luxury level she was keen on. So rather than worry too much about that elusive new car, we just bought the current one off the lease. Maybe in a couple of years there’ll be something she likes and we’ll consider what to do then. […]


Windows 10 upgrade: the Microsoft Money mess

OK, I get it: I’m behind the times. I still use Microsoft Money, the “sunset” edition. Yes, it’s been six years since it was retired, but I prefer it way, WAY more than Quicken. And, to be honest, thus far – I’ve now been using it for 20 years, believe it or not (first entry: July 3, 1995) – it’s been just fine. However, yesterday, I was suddenly brought up short with a jolt, or to be more accurate with an error message about Internet Explorer 6. […]