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The Auto Warranty sleaze, part deux

A couple of years ago, I wrote what turned out to be one of the more popular posts on this blog: The Auto Warranty Sleaze. It was about those dodgy-looking letters and postcards you get once you, say, pay off your car lease or loan, exhorting you to get an extra warranty on your engine or transmission or whatever, because it could all go wrong at any moment. […]


Caveat venditor, part 2

Recently Earnest published a report about rent costs, with the surprising fact (at least for me) that Colorado Springs (where I live) is fourth in the nation for percentage of total income spent on rent. The median rent overall? A smidge under $1400. Do you know what size mortgage you can get for that? […]


Caveat venditor

I don’t know about you, but the news over the past year has trashed my usual relatively sunny state of mind. I find myself despairing of the future, not only for my adopted country but also the country I left behind nearly 25 years ago. This translates into me losing my temper and getting angry and pissed off over the most minor of things. Take for example this little story… […]


Marketing emails

As CTO of DevExpress, and as someone who’s had his personal email address for nearly 20 years now (I bought in November 1998 and created my email address immediately), I get a lot of marketing-type emails, let alone those of a phishing variety. And, to be honest, I’m sure my readers are in the same boat. […]