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Donald Knuth Christmas lecture 2019

Donald Knuth does one of these lighthearted lectures every year, and this one was perhaps more fun and interesting than before: Pi and the Art of Computer Programming. A reminder: Knuth is like the grand master of algorithms, and I have all of his books on my shelves behind me, and used them when I wrote my own book on algorithms. […]


Reapplying for my UK passport

In February next year – not too far away at the time of writing – my UK passport is due to expire. Although I am now permanently living in the States, and have been for over 25 years now, both the US and the UK allow for dual citizenship so I have two passports. And I kind of like having a UK passport. For a start, it’s easier to enter the UK whenever I (or we) fly into Heathrow for business or a holiday, and it’s still good for entering the EU. Well, OK, true enough, only just, with regard to that last point. […]


Business card, as a blast from the past

I’ve been tidying up some of my old technical books recently to try and get them recycled (Undocumented DOS, anyone? No, I thought not.) In one of them, imagine my surprise to find one of my old business cards. […]