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Viewing divs with “overflow:auto;” on the iPhone

In playing around with my blog’s new iPhone support I came across a doozy of a problem. […]


Adding support for iPhone with GraffitiCMS

This blog uses GraffitiCMS as the blogging engine. This software has now been open-sourced by the original developers, Telligent, and is available on CodePlex. Although it’s pretty full-featured and does most of what I want and need from a blogging engine (and has lots of features I don’t use) there is no built-in support as yet for providing a special view for mobile devices. […]


PostFix to Infix: converting RPN to algebraic expressions

Yesterday afternoon I finished my latest PCPlus article on generating all possible arithmetic expressions with four operators. The article explored several algorithms, such as evaluating all full binary trees with a certain number of internal nodes (mine was four), evaluating an expression tree, and the like, and for the sidebar I slipped in a quick bit about RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) and how succinct it is for describing arithmetic expressions (there’s no operator precedence or parentheses to worry about). Equally important is the absolute ease with which you can evaluate an RPN expression compared to an algebraic one (that is, an expression using the standard infix notation). […]


Crazy For You: cartoons for the actors

I’m in a show at the moment at the Fine Arts Center here in Colorado Springs (as it happens, tonight is opening night). We’re doing Crazy For You, a modern musical that marries up lots of great Gershwin tunes with a light 30s style plot. And tap dancing. Lots of tap dancing. Man, am I glad I’m not in those numbers: I get exhausted just watching. […]


PCPlus 281: Indexing the Internet

I write a monthly column for PCPlus, a computer news-views-n-reviews magazine in the UK (actually there are 13 issues a year — there’s an Xmas issue as well — so it’s a bit more than monthly). The column is called Theory Workshop and appears in the Make It section of the magazine. When I signed up, my editor and the magazine were gracious enough to allow me to reprint the articles here after say a year or so. What I’ll do is publish the article from a year ago or so here when I purchase the current issue. […]