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Upgrading to jQuery 1.9.x

Today it snowed. It started before we awoke and pretty much kept at it all day. Hence it was a day to do some work inside, and what better task than to clean up my blog? First port of call, and a major one at that, was to upgrade to jQuery 1.9. Before you say, so what, just change the version number in the <script> tag, consider this. jQuery 1.9 removes several APIs that “behaved inconsistently or inefficiently in the past” ( here ), ones that have been deprecated for a while. So, replacing...


PCPlus 319: Recommendation algorithms explained

For the March 2012 issue, I wrote about a new subject for me, and one that I hadn’t really seen much discussion of elsewhere: recommendation algorithms. Whenever you go to Amazon to buy something, there on the front page is a set of items that you might want to purchase. These recommendations aren’t merely what a lot of people are buying (for example, I never get offered a Justin Beiber CD), but they do seem to be specifically geared to your wants and interests. Yes, they can be hilariously wrong...


More script kiddie douchebaggery

A little while ago I mentioned some work I’d been doing with regard to 404 error processing with this blog’s engine. As part of that post, I disclosed some examples of remarkably stupid attempts to discover the whereabouts of standard PHP pages on this site. Except that this site does not use PHP, it’s not using WordPress of some ancient vintage, but instead uses an ASP.NET blogging engine. Since that time nearly three months ago, I’ve been continuing to monitor the 404 error logs. Some of the “not...


Potpourri for February 2013

Another entry in my series of “fragrant dried leaves in a pot” (English version), or “rotten stuff in a pot” (French literal translation): in other words, stuff I found interesting in the past month and tweeted or Facebooked. Regex crossword puzzle A fiendish puzzle that will practice your knowledge of regular expressions and their application: “ A Regular Crossword ”. Rules for using the “long s” Prior to the beginning of the 20th century, printers...


PCPlus 318: The physics of Angry Birds

Without a doubt, this was a fun article to write. Not only was there much research done in order to understand the physics of the game (that is, how gravity worked in the game, how collisions were mimicked, and so on), but I also had to play it. A lot. Can you say that you claimed $0.99 on your taxes because buying the game needed to be offset against the income from the article? I thought not. Anyway, on to the gist of the article. I cover three main topics: the parabolic flight of the red bird...