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PCPlus 320: Error detection and correction

OK, I admit it. I’ve been in the programming industry for more years that I care to count, and although I’d vaguely considered error detection in the past, it wasn’t until I did some research for this next article that I finally got to have some understanding of it all. And not only error detection but correction too: now that was pure magic. But, as with all these things, once you get the basic idea about how it works, all the magic gets stripped away. I suppose the first kind...


Scientists in Paris

We were vacationing in Paris last week in a hotel in the 16eme arrondissement, just outside the boundary of the 8eme. We’d stayed there before, but I noticed this time that several streets in the vicinity has names commemorating scientists and mathematicians. I thought it would be fun to take pictures of the ones I could find that were close and put them in a collage: In order, they are: Augustin-Jean Fresnel . We also saw a lighthouse lens built on his principles in the Musée Maritime...


Inline scripts: sometimes the web is just screwed up

I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite commands in the browser is “View Page Source”, especially on a site that’s modern, visually attractive, or shows off some clever interactions. After all, I’m a developer: I like to find out how things work so I can, if I want to, replicate on my own web sites. Some web pages though are really nasty when you look at their source. And one of the places they excel at nastiness is in their use of inline scripts. Now, don’t...