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Dell’s new Thunderbolt dock

Ten months ago – 10! It seems like yesterday – I upgraded my Dell XPS 13 to the latest version at the time and purchased a Dell TB15 Thunderbolt dock to go with it. Although the laptop is great, the dock has been anything but. Let’s put it like this: it took a long while for the drivers to stabilize enough for me to actually use it properly. Where ‘properly’ means some approximation of correctly. (For example, the Ethernet port was incredibly flaky and so I bought a Plugable USB-C dock to help out.) It finally got to the point where I could bring my XPS 13 back from a trip, plug it all in, and have everything working within, oh, I don’t know, 5 minutes. […]


Automating the pasting of code in blog posts

So, just before Christmas, I switched to using a client-side library to highlight the code in my blog posts. The library I chose was Prism JS, and it works by marrying up some JavaScript and CSS  to specially decorated pre and code elements so that their content (the code itself) is highlighted nicely. […]


Replacing Microsoft Money – Moneyspire

Next on my saga of finding the best replacement for Microsoft Money – well, OK, the best for me – is Moneyspire. Actually, I half-heartedly tried this out some 8 months ago, but I wasn’t feeling the urge at the time and I stopped. At that time they produced a free version for a single account (if I recall correctly) but that’s now been dropped: you can get a two-week trial version with limited accounts and transactions, or pony up some cash for the Basic or the Plus version. I Paypaled $75 for the Plus version; in for a penny, in for a pound. […]