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When it’s not the fault of CSS

I have a fun website that displays a couple of business cards, the intent being that, when I meet someone I don’t know and they ask me for something like my work phone number or my email address, I can just say “My name is Julian, so go to, it’s all there.” […]


Crashing cars

A weird post this one, but it’s a reflection on how much the event described affected me. Two weeks ago, on the Saturday morning, I was in a positive mood but, for reasons I’m not going into, my wife was not. I know, I thought, I’ll take her car in to be washed and detailed and that’ll make her happy. I knew the car wash place I was going to, it’s about six miles south of where we live, and they do a good job. […]


Fun times with batch files

One to be put squarely into the head-meets-desk section. For a little while now, I’ve been meaning to update how I minify and compress the JavaScript files used by this website (and others that use JS to some lesser degree). For ages I’ve been using compressor code that runs as a Java app (I know, I know! Just step away from the pepper spray right now!) – first it was the YUI Compressor (last release: eight years ago), and then a couple or more years ago I moved to the Google Closure Compiler because I was now using the more modern ES5+ syntax that the YUI Compressor couldn’t parse. […]