486 bag refunds?

So I went into Whole Foods earlier on this week to get something for dinner, clutching my reusable bag. Whole Foods have this scheme whereby if you have a bag to put your shopping in, they’ll refund you 10 cents because they’re not going to have to use one of their paper bags. To which you can then ask for them to put that 10 cents to their promoted charity of the week. It’s called a Donation Bag Refund.

Imagine my surprise when I got home to find that my total bill was for nearly $95 (yep, I should’ve looked at it in the store). What???

And then I saw it: for some reason, I was charged for 486 bag refunds rather than my one. D’oh! $48.60 of that $95 was not even my shopping.

And then, I was, like, 486? Like that pre-Pentium Intel CPU? Nerd.

(I went back the next day to get a refund. The customer service person couldn’t even understand why the system allowed for 486 refunds, it’s not like someone sometimes comes in with 486 reusable bags…)

486 Bag Refunds

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#1 Thomas Poff said...
20-Feb-20 1:45 AM

"Bagagheddon" happened here in California I think 4 years ago. We now pay $.10 for every bag. What can I say? I stocked up for a year+, triple-bagging everything in sight as the rumors became promises! That was the easy way. Eventually tho', someday, I will run out.

If you work for a grocery store and DO give out a bag, to help an old person, for instance, you will likely be dismissed.


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