64SAINT gets its own blog

After some futzing around with converting a professional website theme to GraffitiCMS (yes, I still like it and use it), and some hacking with a special HTTP module, I can now announce that the 64SAINT blog is live and ready for readers. For those not in the know, 64SAINT is my Volvo 1800S and I thought it well time that I parceled off all the posts about it over to its own site.

Volvo 1800s at Garden of the Gods

So head over to 64SAINT.com to read all about its history, the maintenance on it, any photoshoots or shows I go to with it. As you’ll see, the site is very much more interactive than this one. Wait and see what I plan next…

In a couple of days, I’ll chat about the development of the site. To say there were some weird and some stupid errors is an understatement.

Album cover for Twentieth-Century Blues: The Songs of Noel CowardNow playing:
Williams, Robbie - There Are Bad Times Just Around the Corner
(from Twentieth-Century Blues: The Songs of Noel Coward)

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