A birthday shock

Today is my birthday. For the first time ever, my sister Nicola sent me a text to say Happy Birthday. Yay for modern technology, especially international texting of birthday wishes from England.

Her sending me a text wasn’t the shock though.

The shock was the previous texts displayed on the timeline: the last time she texted me was when Mum was dying in hospital two years ago.

Texts about Mum

So yeah, yay for modern technology. Especially the fact that I still have texts from two years ago saved on my phone.


(She died on Sunday, 4 April, 2010. Despite Nicola’s last text there, she made it through 1 April, now mostly in a coma, and the prognosis remained dire. On the 2nd, having vacillated the previous day, I booked the first flight to England I could get on, leaving 3 April. I arrived at the hospital at around 4pm on that Sunday. Mum was still alive, still in the coma, and I was able to say goodbye. Nicola had been there the entire time. I like to think Mum was waiting for me to get there: she died at 9pm that evening.)

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