Best supporting actor in a comedy?

Holy crap.

Every now and then (and it’s very rare these days because of the business travel I have to do), I manage to get a role in a local theatre production. Yes, indeed, I’ve been known to act a little. In December, after some four years away from the stage apart from a very small role in The Wild Duck for Theatreworks in March 2013, I landed the role of Reverend Shandy in The Lying Kind, also for Theatreworks. The part was a hoot, as was the play, a strong British farce. We had some good houses and the audience enjoyed it immensely, as did we, the cast. Sixteen performances and I had a ball.

The Lying Kind: Reverend Shandy tries to scare off the police with a cross

The Lying Kind: Reverend Shandy tries to scare off the police with a cross

Anyway, Bill Wheeler attends as many theatre productions along the Front Range in Colorado as he possibly can, and then writes some excellent reviews on his blog, Theater Colorado. He came to The Lying Kind and enjoyed it, and I certainly appreciated his review. The local paper, The Gazette, didn’t even bother, so phooey to them.

Well, it seems he does a “Best of the Year” summary as the year flips over, and this New Year was no exception. This time he divided not only the plays he’d reviewed into Drama, Comedy, and Musicals, but also into Large Companies and Small Companies, to give a broader and possibly better result (and in fact splitting the Drama section further with Micro Companies as well). The Lying Kind came in as an Honorable Mention under Comedy, Large Companies: Best Play, which is excellent news, in and of itself. But then I scanned further and…


Julian Bucknall as Reverend Shandy, The Lying Kind, Theatreworks.

When the Vicar comes for a visit, things get crazy.  Bucknall is fetching in fish net stockings, and the laughs are nonstop.  For a proper man of the cloth, he has a LOT of explaining to do.  Thanks, Julian.  I’ll never look at a Vicar the same again, but I'll surely be smiling about wondering what else he's wearing.

Holy crap. Best Supporting Actor? I gotta lie down.

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2 Responses

#1 Bill Wheeler said...
07-Jan-15 3:31 PM


Pick yourself up off the couch and pat yourself on the back. I know...getting an award shouldn't be so much fun. But hey...if the, fishnets fit, so be it.

I saw "The Lying Kind" twice, bringing a British couple with us the first time, and some friends from Denver the second time. I laughed just as much the second time I saw it. I also gifted a friend with a ticket for Christmas. She LOVED it too. I may get a prize from Theatreworks for bringing in the business...?

If you actually do get into a Cabaret cast, let me know. I'll buy a ticket for that too...


julian m bucknall avatar
#2 julian m bucknall said...
07-Jan-15 6:03 PM

Bill: A very long time ago, I played Cliff in Cabaret, and then 10 years ago (good grief) I directed it for the Fine Arts Center and won Best Musical. I'm all Cabaret'ed out...

Cheers, Julian

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