Book: Professional DevExpress ASP.NET Controls

Over the summer I spent quite a bit of time on top of my normal work activities (at least those I couldn't put aside) writing a couple of chapters for Professional DevExpress ASP.NET Controls. Yes, I've been saying for a while that I'd never write a book again, but this was an opportunity to quickly write something that would appear in a book form, without my name being on the cover. Unfortunately Wrox didn't listen to me and put it there anyway :).


Originally Paul Kimmel was going to be writing all of it, but, as anyone who's written a technical book will tell you, it's very intensive, hard work and difficult to complete in a relatively short period of time. We, DevExpress, also had a deadline: we had to have copies of the book at PDC in November. In order to make sure that this happened, Joe Kunk and I agreed to take off some of the more specialized chapters (that is, chapters on single specialized products) off Paul and write them ourselves. Joe did the XtraReports chapter, and I did the XtraCharts and asynchronous programming chapters. I also did the section on Javascript for another chapter, basing it quite a bit on my series on writing Javascript. Paul wrote the rest, the vast majority of the book and is the real hero.

So, a book author again...

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6 Responses

#1 Dew Drop – October 6, 2009 | Alvin Ashcraft's Morning Dew said...
06-Oct-09 7:24 AM

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#2 Russ Yeagley said...
06-Oct-09 7:00 PM


I been waiting for a DevX book for years - thanks for helping to make it come true!

At the risk of stirring your anger (given your great love of writing), when do you expect a book on Win Forms and WPF?

Maybe you could use hypnotherapy to get rid of the negative feelings about writing! (No hate mail. Thanx!)

Russ Yeagley

Code Hustler

#3 Chris said...
07-Oct-09 1:16 AM

The new cover looks for more exciting than the [presumably older] one featured on the Amazon UK web-site

Next, a book covering XAF ;) ?

julian m bucknall avatar
#4 julian m bucknall said...
07-Oct-09 7:04 AM

Russ: Me personally write a book about WinForms or WPF or both? Using DevExpress products? Possibly never.

As I said, I was only brought in at the last moment for this one. Paul is much better placed to do this kind of writing, so we (and Wrox, for that matter) will just have to see how well this one sells before we decide whether or not to do another.

Cheers, Julian

julian m bucknall avatar
#5 julian m bucknall said...
07-Oct-09 7:10 AM

Chris: Yes, Wrox suddenly decided that their book range needed jazzing up from the "author head" look (not one that I've found particularly enticing, I must admit) they've had for the past few years. So all new Wrox books will have this updated kind of look, still dominantly red, but obviously with different monochrome images.

As I said to Russ, it will depend on how well this book sells as to whether we (DevExpress) or I (Julian) do another. Personally speaking, I'm into Javascript these days, so wouldn't mind doing a slim book on that.

Cheers, Julian

#6 Professional DevExpress ASP.NET Controls now in print said...
10-Nov-09 1:53 PM

Just a quick post to say I received a copy of Professional DevExpress ASP.NET Controls in my hot little hands this afternoon. Also, also have it in stock here . Just to prove it, here's an iPhone shot, taken just now on my desk in DevExpress

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