Cavalry tamper proof seal

Short and sweet story.

My F: drive on my desktop is an external 500GB drive from Cavalry, one of three I own. On it I've stored the final backups of old machines before I wiped them, and also the backups of programs that do their own backup. Adobe Lightroom is one of these, for example.

Anyway I opened up Lightroom this evening to do some photo work and it wanted to backup. Sure, I said. It failed saying it couldn't find F:. Hmm, the stonking blue light on the front was lit (if you have a Cavalry, you'll know what I mean), but no F: drive. Unplugged everything, plugged it back in, no go. I tried it on my laptop, no go. Bugger, maybe the disk is dead, I thought.

So I decided to open it up, take out the drive and slot it into the Acer Home Server. Hey, an ideal opportunity to test its "hot-swap-ability". But the drive enclosure has this silver tamper proof sticker sealing the top and back end of it. Oh well, I thought, needs must and all that, and so I undid the screws holding the drive in place in the enclosure.

...And the drive slid out from the other end.

The tamper sticker wasn't securing entry into the enclosure at all. Sure glad I hadn't cut or removed it.

(Anyway: I put the drive into the Acer and it works fine. I can access everything, so I'll leave it there. Must have been the power circuitry in the enclosure.)

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