Dredging up the past

So, of late, I’ve been having real issues with my main laptop. Basically BSOD City. I’d be getting blue-screened ten or more times a day. Even to the point of when it auto-rebooted I’d get a “hard drive not found” error.

Missing hard drive

Missing hard drive?

Yeah, not great. The BIOS diagnostics passed thoroughly and it would eventually reboot, so I’m guessing it’s some kind of weird hardware issue.

So, I bought a new laptop and have been installing all those indispensable programs and apps I really can’t do without. Of course, there had to be one where I needed the CD-ROM for it (don’t ask) and the company concerned no longer has the install app online for it (I told you: don’t ask). So I was ferreting around some boxes trying to find it when…

CompactFlash cards

Oooh, 1.0GB! Or, better, 2GB!

Remember those things? I have no hardware whatsoever any more to plug one of these in to see what’s on it (I have four of them). I seem to remember that maybe it was an old DSLR? Probably.

And then, even better, I found this:

Eye-Fi card and adapter


How many of you remember this particular bit of hardware? A quick bit of research on Wikipedia and it seems the company went out of business 6 to 7 years ago. I’d used it for a little while with the DSLR I had at the time, but never really liked the way it worked, so I put it away and completely forgot about it.

Time to dispose of them properly.


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