Enter the Twenties and blogging

Like it or not, I view 2020 as the start of the decade, the decade of the 20s.

Rather than describe what I thought of of 2019 (brrrr would be the best adjective, followed by grrrr), and rather than list a whole set of resolutions for the coming year, my commitment going forward is to write blog posts more frequently, but not to worry about the length of these blog posts. Instead I shall take on board what an old acquaintance of mine decided to do: just write posts and not worry about it. If they turn out short, then they’re short (he uses Micro.blog); if they turn out lengthy then I’ll promote them via Twitter and Facebook.

Talking of the latter, let’s admit it: I just don’t visit it as often. I change my cover photo once a fortnight (basically on payday), and apart from the posts where I’m relaying a blog post from boyet.com, I don’t write anything for it at all. I therefore miss a whole bunch of informational posts about what’s happening with my FB friends, and try and catch up once a week or so. Sorry, but FB really pisses me off with its continued egregious privacy violations and scammy paid-for ads and posts. Not so much I’ll just delete my account and move on, but certainly enough that I no longer visit it daily.

So, onwards!

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