First post with Open Live Writer

Just a very small post, this, to announce that I’m now using Open Live Writer (OLW) as my blogging tool. Maybe not all the time, at least for the next couple of weeks. You could say that I’m still experimenting with the plug-ins I have for Windows Live Writer (WLW), so no code snippet blocks yet or “Now Playing”. Those are to be tested and played around with some more before I really jump in with both feet and uninstall WLW.

So, if you are reading this: I will have set it up correctly and this small post will have made it onto my blog.

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#1 julian m bucknall said...
08-Jan-16 5:18 PM

Well if you are still reading this far: the act of publishing this post wasn't perfect. I had a couple of exceptions, but mirabile dictu the post was accepted. Now to try and work out why OLW was not playing nice with GraffitiCMS (or vice versa).

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