HDR picture of Long Meg

While we were in England in September, we nipped over to see Long Meg and her daughters.

For fun, I took three bracketed exposures of Long Meg so that I could process them as an HDR (High Dynamic Range) image. The weather had been threatening showers all day, so it was an obvious choice to go for the heavy clouds just as the sun broke through.

HDR image of Long Meg

(Click to enlarge.)

The program I use is PhotoMatix and this is processed using their “Enhancer – Painterly” preset. Not bad, considering I cheated: I didn’t have my tripod with me, so this is handheld.

There was no one else there, apart from the farmer who was rounding up his cows for milking.

Cows at Long Meg and Her Daughters

(Thanks to Danny Thorpe for reminding me that the stone circle was just over the Pennines from North Yorks where we were staying for a couple of days.)

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#1 Brew PS said...
21-Oct-11 6:13 PM

That's a great picture! I love HDR photography, makes it look like a painting. I can't believe this shot came out like this without a tripod though. Is this a classic HDR photo? A composition of 3 images?

PS - Found your site while looking for a way to backup my GoDaddy database. Thanks for the help!

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