I Met Julian

You're familiar with the situation. You're at a party or a conference or in the mall, and  you meet someone. A quick chat later and you want to exchange business cards or email addresses, and you find you don't have any of the former handy and neither of you have any writing implement to write on the back of your hand for the latter. So you try to remember the email address and of course fail miserably within 5 minutes.

What you need is something instantly memorable.

image Well, if you meet me somewhere and manage to remember my name, Julian, when you get back to your computer just remember "I met Julian", and tack on ".com" on the end: imetjulian.com. Pretty easy. You'll find my contact details there: email addresses, snail mail addresses, phone numbers, urls to blogs and websites. The works.

A simple yet brilliant idea, especially if you travel and meet a lot of people with your job.

(I found out about the idea here, on Griffin Caprio's blog, and he found out about it from Matt Buchanan's blog. I based my page on Griffin's.)

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