La Semaine Précise

AKA the weekly summary. Yes, it’s time I was more … regular … shall we say.

In fact that brings up topic 1. Yesterday it was colonoscopy day for me, the last one being 12 years ago. Yikes! It’s supposed to be once every 10 years! Oh well. Of course, when I say “day” I really mean two days, since I had to drink the sulphate/bicarbonate solution in two big batches, 12 hours apart, 24 hours before going to the gastroenterology center yesterday afternoon. And also I couldn’t have any solid food a good 24 hours before the visit either. Let’s just say my intestines were very well flushed by the time I’d checked in. Anyway, the good new is that there were no polyps to remove and no cancerous growths. I’d scored the perfect 10.

Topic 2 is that I’ve recognized that my knowledge of French has been getting worse and worse through non-usage. Three things to note here: first of all I’ve joined a local meetup group that gather together once a month for a French language evening. My first one was last week and I had a really good time sitting at a table with actual French people who’ve been living in Colorado Springs for many years. Can’t wait for next month’s! Second is that I’ve been watching a French TV crime series on Amazon (Profilage, or The Paris Murders). Since the episodes have English subtitles, yet I can hear the French being spoken, I’m getting better at recognizing normal conversational speech (and slang!) as well as when the translators took a short-cut. And third, we went to Paris at the beginning of April to celebrate our birthdays. And, of course, this blog title translates as “The week’s summary”.

Talking of birthdays, here’s an elongated third topic: last month I celebrated 18 years as CTO of DevExpress (quick calculation: I’ve spent 40% of my working life as CTO!), and next Monday I’ll be celebrating 31 years since I moved to Colorado and the USA. Lastly, especially because I didn’t mention it last April when I got it: this is my first anniversary of being a Million Miler for United Airlines.

Playing: Thievery Corporation: Shadows of Ourselves, because it’s in French, plus its meaning. “Perdu dans un monde, tout étranger. Quelle est la raison pour tous ces mensonges.”

Lion gargoyle

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