London Congestion Charge Zone

Me, a month ago, while on our holiday in England: Yeah, it's Saturday, let's nip into Oxford Street and do a bit of shopping. It's Saturday, so no issues with the congestion charge.

TFL: It's 12.48pm and boom! Just photographed your rental car in the Congestion Charge Zone! That'll be an £80 fine!

Me: Whaaaaat??? But it was a Saturday. The charge doesn’t apply then, is my recollection.

TFL: You didn’t realize that in 2020 we extended the hours it applies to include weekends and Bank Holidays? Tough. Mind you, we did reduce that to just the afternoons earlier this year. But we caught you driving through in the afternoon. Just.

Me: <swear words> <pays up> <thinks about how to shop on Oxford Street next year>

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