Marketing emails, part deux

Amazingly it seems, crass, irrelevant – and dare I say it – spammy marketing emails are still going strong and arriving by the couple-of-dozen-plus every day in my inboxes since my last post about the subject (now two years ago!). I’m also seeing more and more where they start off by saying something along the lines of “I researched you on LinkedIn,” but that’s a post for another day.

Yesterday, I got a friggin’ wonderful one about SEO, but first a little levity from my Twitter feed with other examples.


And, now the SEO one. I own several domains, including, obviously,, and so every now and then I get those utterly dodgy emails that have a subject like “ is about to expire.” Me, I’ve set up reminders so my domains don’t expire without me knowing about it, so it already looks scammy. This one arrived yesterday (November 11). It continues (badly):

Your Domain SEO Listing are shown below set for renewal and need to be processed within the next 48 hours.

Apart from the bad English, it indicates that I have until November 13 to respond. But then it says:

Expire Time:
48 hours from 04/11/2019

So, its SEO listing has already expired then since we’re past November 6? But wait!

This domain seo submission for limited time offer will end in 2days from 06/11/2019.

So, it expired on November 8 then. I’ll just sob quietly that will never be added to this SEO listing, and hence no one will ever find it. Oh well. C’est la vie.

(Aside: I went to check on the domain name that this SEO listing “company” uses. It was created on November 4, 2019. Riiiiight, totes legit. Using a VPN connection to mask my IP address plus Chrome’s Incognito window, I see that visiting the URL redirects to a company called “SEO SCOUT 24” in Panamá. Yeah, right, bye!)

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julian m bucknall avatar
#1 julian m bucknall said...
12-Nov-19 12:52 PM

And of course someone pointed out that I read the dates as if they were in DD/MM/YYYY form, but they could have been in MM/DD/YYYY form instead! Yesssssss! Even worse!

Cheers, Julian

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