Microsoft Arc Mouse – the older one

OK, I admit it: I’m behind the times, but my fave mouse ever since it first came out is the Microsoft Arc Mouse. It was replaced four or five years ago by the Arc Touch Mouse and I’ve tried that one several times but it and I don’t get along. The older one, though? Like a house on fire. I’ve worn several out and have just about managed to find replacements: new ones in their original boxes sometimes come up on eBay.

MS Arc Mouse Superhero

Arc Mouse Superhero

The last time my main mouse failed, I decided it was really finally time to switch, and I used the Arc Touch mouse for a month or so. But, no. Just no. So, I tried the knock-offs (they’re like $10 each) from China. Meh. They don’t come with the handy thumb button on the side that you can use to go back one page in your browser.

So, over the past two or three months, I’ve been on a buying spree on eBay and have managed to stock up (hoard? Yes: hoard!) with 8 new ones. Mainly about $40 to $50 each. Just lovely. The biggest issue I found, though, was that the box contains a couple of AAA batteries so that you can start using your Arc Mouse as soon as you get it. Because it hasn’t been manufactured in four/five years, those batteries will sometimes have leaked/exploded. Unfortunately they are placed inside the pouch that comes with the mouse, meaning that they and the pouch have to be tossed. Luckily, I’ve now had so many of these mice, that I have spare pouches, so it’s not too much of a problem.

Yes, I’m old-fashioned, yet happy. Deal with it.

MS Arc Mouse

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