Now Playing plug-in for WLW failing for Amazon

I use the Now Playing plug-in for Windows Live Writer to give those quick sections at the bottom of a post to show what I'm listening to as I write the post. I just realized with the previous post that the plug-in is now failing to retrieve the data from Amazon so the embedded URLs in the generated HTML are broken. Sorry about that.

Not really the plug-in's fault (nor the author's, for that matter): Amazon recently changed their API (the Product Advertising API) and web service for retrieving this data from their servers. Calls using the old syntax will fail from August 15 (5 days ago) for sure, although they did phase it in for different regions over a period of time. You're now supposed to sign the requests with your Access Key ID in some fashion to prove it came from you.

I see the plug-in hasn't been updated for a while and it's open source. Time to roll up my sleeves, download the source, and fix it according to Amazon's new way of doing things. Luckily it's encapsulated as a plug-in to the plug-in, so there's only one DLL to fix.

Not tonight though. This weekend.

Now playing:
Deacon Blue - Peace and Jobs and Freedom
(from Whatever You Say, Say Nothing)

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