Roger Moore as male knitting model

It’s a little known fact that Roger Moore (he of the James Bond movies in the 70s and 80s and The Saint in the 60s) started out as a male model before he started to become more famous. As such, he was renowned for appearing in knitwear shots (to the extent of being known as ‘The Big Knit’) in the early 50s.

It just so happened that Mum had a Patons & Baldwins knitwear pattern booklet from that time amongst all her stuff and, lo and behold, there are some shots of Mr Moore in there. I snagged it from the house clearance people and brought it home for your delectation. Here’s the cover:

Knitting pattern book with Roger Moore

The booklet (number 698) is 12 pages long and cost sixpence (now 2½p). It was published by Patons and Baldwins Ltd, but unfortunately has no publish date.

He’s in the two pictures middle and bottom left on the cover. As you can see he’s modeling two patterns. The first is the Waistcoat for a Live Wire:

Roger Moore as knitwear model

No, that’s not his iPhone he’s checking in the picture — bit early for one of those 55 years ago — but what it is I’m really not sure. Something electric, perhaps; hence the ‘Live Wire’ moniker. Actually the waistcoat doesn’t look too bad in this shot, methinks, though the cocky be-piped stance of the middle cover image is somewhat off-putting.

The second pattern he models is the Executive Type, a “pullover in three-ply”, which can be made either with long sleeves or sleeveless:

Roger Moore modeling pullover

A serious executive look here with the secretary in the background, and on the cover a more go-getting attitude with phone in hand.

I must admit the pictures are a hoot. Very 50s.

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5 Responses

#1 Rachel Scott said...
04-Feb-12 5:27 AM

Think I've found another one, here

julian m bucknall avatar
#2 julian m bucknall said...
04-Feb-12 9:20 AM

Rachel: Nice catch. It is indeed.

Cheers, Julian

#3 Julia said...
01-Aug-13 12:59 AM

My Mum worked for the photographer David Olins, in Baker Street, London, when Sir Roger Moore used to come into the studio with Dorothy Squires to model for knitting patterns. Mum's job was to colour and re-touch the photographs; all done by hand in those days!

julian m bucknall avatar
#4 julian m bucknall said...
01-Aug-13 8:59 AM

Julia: Thanks for commenting. That is an awesome story! And, yes, retouching photographs is pretty much a dead art these days; it's all digital now.

Cheers, Julian

#5 Julia said...
02-Aug-13 4:40 AM ~ I wonder if my Mum coloured that one, Rachel? ~

Julian, I still have the scalpel that Mum used in her re-touching, although the paintbrushes etc. have long gone!

Mum passed away six years ago...and, if you're ever interested in parting with the knitting pattern booklet, please email me...

All the best,


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