Stupid pastime

So, in general, every day I get in my car and drive somewhere. It could be taking the pup to doggy daycare, going shopping, nipping out to get some lunch, whatever. In doing so, because we live in a built-up area of Colorado Springs, there’s traffic lights and, if I’m unlucky, I’ll hit a red.

At which point I can look at the cars around me and play my game of looking for expired registrations.

A couple of years ago, there was a change in what the traffic police could do with respect to pulling people over for expired registrations because it was found that the majority of cars being stopped for such were Blacks and Latinos. From that point on, it was only if the car was involved in some incident (speeding, a crash, or whatever) that the driver could be fined. And what happened? People didn’t renew.

As far as I can gather, the fine now is much greater: basically $100 per month of expiration. My registration renewal in June was under $100, so me risk it? Nah. (That’s my personalized plate, by the way, I bought it some 30 years ago, because I still had my Volvo 1800S in England with that same registration. The reference to a tardis is because my other car is a Volvo 1800S.)

So, my stupid pastime every day is to see how expired a registration I can find. Today, the first of November? There was one that expired at the end of 06-22, and, even better, some stupid prat with a temporary paper tag that expired in July 2023 (so they bought the car in May – temporary tags last for two months). Given that it’s at the end of the year when the color of the year tag sticker changes, it gets really obvious.

At least it passes the time at a red light…

My ABW77G plate

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#1 Grzegorz Wiktorowski said...
05-Nov-23 2:05 PM

As a non-Englishman I started to watch Doctor Who only a few years ago from Doctor #10 series. David Tennant is the best.

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