The Daily Shoot 97 & 98

Two for the price of one in this post.

On Saturday, February 20 (#ds97), the assignment from the Daily Shoot was "An old adage in photography says if you want to improve your photographs, move closer. Fill your frame today!" So I did:

Scary Monster?

I also made a quick joke: the cat statuette looks afraid of something, peering over its shoulder, so I used my David Bowie CDs as a background, with Scary Monsters visible at the edge.

On Sunday (#ds98), the task was "Backgrounds are tricky. They can make a subject stand out or distract from it. Make a photo with a good background today."

Snowy hydrant

Brill. I had virtually no time for this: Sunday was thrown into disarray by my mother-in-law skidding off the road on black ice in the late morning in Black Forest, totaling the car. So, by the time I got back home, having gone out to help and thence to my in-laws, light was starting to fail, the snow was falling again, and I dashed out thinking of using a simple snowy landscape as my background. But what about the foreground? I went down to the local primary school intending to photograph their colorful climbing frame but the background was a hotel and offices in the distance. Meh. I turned around and there was the hydrant in the middle of the school's car park.

Album cover for OK ComputerNow playing:
Radiohead - Paranoid Android
(from OK Computer)

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