Party Shuffle Friday

Another quick iTunes party shuffle. I think the guests at this party will be mightily confused.

Wonderful Disguise, by Scott, Mike, from Bring 'em All In. Mike Scott, if you didn't know, is the driving force (only force, really) behind Waterboys. He can be a bit preachy and religious at times, but he doesn't half write some great tunes. This one is one of his "smack you with my faith" tracks, nice and quiet, essentially just him on the guitar, about how he finds God in everyone he sees.

Transparent, by Pet Shop Boys, from Miracles (Maxi CD). The PSBs have such great "b-sides" — you mean you don't buy all the singles? There's a new one coming out in March — and this is one of them. Neil, electronically distorted, saying if he were transparent, you could see his love is true.

Certain Shades of Limelight, by Swing Out Sister, from Where Our Love Grows. One of their tracks that sounds like it could have come from a 60s romantic French movie, maybe Un autre homme et une autre femme, or something like that.

Come and Get These Memories, by Reeves, Martha And The Vandellas, from The Millennium Collection: The Best of Martha Reeves And The Vandellas. Awesome 60s sound from an all girl band. You just feel yourself moving in tune with the rhythm, but not a really well-known one, at least to me.

Hulaville, by Orbit, William, from Strange Cargo Hinterland. William Orbit is the star of electronic mood music, layers upon layers. Starts off quiet, coming after the fun Montok Point one with the spooky voice, that builds up to a nice boppy sound with lots of electronic bits and pieces.

High Fidelity, by Daft Punk, from Homework. Ye gods, I must have been going crazy that day at Microsoft, because when I left for the evening I went out and bought this CD and must have listened to it twice since. OK, there's some good tracks on it, Da Funk being one, but this isn't one of them. I can't bear to listen to them anymore.

She'll Drive the Big Car, by Bowie, David, from Reality. Currently Bowie's latest album from 2003. Excellent album. Despite it being over 5 years without a release from Bowie, if the next one is as good as this, it won't matter. The song's about dreams and yearnings of the good life being punctured by reality, revealing them to be failures.

Love Makes the World Go Round, by Madonna, from True Blue. Ah, the young Madonna. Boppy boppy sound.

Sauvage et Beau, by Vangelis, from Portraits (So Long Ago, So Clear). From one of the very many Vangelis collection CDs. Each one seems to have just one track that's not available elsewhere, so you're paying a CD price for one track, and for this CD this is that track. From a film by Frederic Rossif, with whom Vangelis has collaborated before (and probably after as well), a nice tune.

Forbidden Fruit, by Blow Monkeys, from Choices: The Singles Collection. Fronted by Dr. Robert, this band came out with some great songs in the 80s (best known? Digging Your Scene and Wait, I suppose). They can be very political (their third album was She Was Only a Grocer's Daughter, a reference to Margaret Thatcher), but this track's just a ballad with wailing brass, although a bit weird ("Do you know what I saw today / A man blow himself away, over you").

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