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Back a couple of months ago I set up a Posterous account as an experiment to see whether I could get anything between micro-blogging (Twitter) and macro-blogging (my main blog, using Windows Live Writer). Posterous was interesting because you compose a blog post as an email sent to a special email address, so it would work from my iPhone as well as from Outlook and Gmail. Worked pretty well, except for one thing: I could not cross-post my Posterous posts to my personal blog. They were arriving, but GraffitiCMS was rejecting them due to no category being present. So I shelved the experiment.

Until today. The reason is that, on Friday, GraffitiCMS was open-sourced. After updating my instance of Graffiti to the latest source from CodePlex, I fixed the issue and this email/post is the first to be cross-posted from my Posterous blog to my main blog (and to Twitter and Facebook).

Expect more mini blog posts in the future...

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#1 Posting mini blog posts from Posterous said...
22-Jan-10 8:11 PM

Back in December , I commented that I could, with a judicious bit of additional code in the open source GraffitiCMS codebase, accept posts from Posterous and publish them on this blog. Well, it turned out that it wasn't that brilliant a code change: it

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