Testing Writerous

Scott Lovegrove (@scottisafool on Twitter) is a Windows Live Writer fan and he's been working on a plug-in for it called Writerous that will publish a blog post to Posterous. He's got it ready for beta, and since I also am a Live Writer fan and have a blog on Posterous, I begged him for a spot on his beta team. Several used fivers changed hands, and I'm in. Since Posterous requires you to email a post to get it published, I'm interested to see how Writerous gets around it.

This is my first post using this new plug-in, and so I'd better check a few things...

First, a gratuitous photo of fields in Muker, North Yorkshire, this June:

[Image was rerouted to the top leaving an empty <a> element behind]

And now some gratuitous C# code using my own personal code plug-in for WLW. This'll make the whole system sweat:

[Code cut because it didn't survive the round trip in a readable state]

I shall also add a category (posterous) and a couple of tags (writerous, plug-in). We'll see what happens to them. OK, ready? Here goes... <clicks Publish>

[Both category and tags appeared as tags in Posterous]

Album cover for OutsideNow playing:
Bowie, David - Wishful Beginnings
(from Outside)

via Writerous

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