Congratulations! You've reached Julian M Bucknall's personal web site and blog. In case you haven't heard of said Julian M Bucknall, (a) where have you been, and (b) you're in the company of billions, but I'm trying to rectify the fact ;-). I'm essentially a programmer by trade, an actor by ambition, and a computer scientist by osmosis.

This site fulfills two purposes:

In antiquity, I used to program in FORTRAN. I quickly moved to RPG II on the IBM System/34 and then RPG III on the System/38. By my early 30s, I'd graduated to Turbo Pascal on PCs, eventually migrating to the various Delphi incarnations. These days it's different: my main development environment is Visual Studio with C# and using the .NET Framework, for Windows Forms and ASP.NET applications with some stuff in WPF and Silverlight.

Currently I'm Chief Technology Officer at Developer Express., a software company that writes some pretty damn functional components and tools for web programming (HTML/JS), .NET, and Delphi. I'm responsible for the technology oversight and vision of the company. 

No matter why you came here, I hope you enjoy this web site.

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