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Replacing Microsoft Money – Moneydance

Well over a year ago, I upgraded my main machine at the time to Windows 10, and the one app that caused install and running issues was Microsoft Money. Since then it’s been pretty stable for me (and I’ve even got it running on a new, totally different machine), but I’m always well aware that one day, I’m going to run into some insurmountable problem with it, and then I’m hosed. So, better to think about a replacement for it while it still works, and what better time for that than over the New Year, when nothing much is going on and I have a long weekend. […]


Highlighting code in blog posts

Once upon a time, I wrote a plug-in for Windows Live Writer that took code that had been copied from Visual Studio to the clipboard and converted it to an HTML pre block for my blog posts. The different colors were maintained during this conversion (in essence VS copies the code as RTF) so that the code displayed here in my blog posts would be nicely highlighted. I even published it to GitHub so that it could also be used for Open Live Writer too. […]


@media queries and face palms

This is a story with many moving parts. It ends with a complete and utter face palm, so stay tuned… […]


Goodbye Firebug, I knew you well

Some eight (!) years ago, I started to learn JavaScript from the viewpoint of a C# programmer. I wrote a series of blog posts here on the subject, and fairly early on I started using Firebug in Firefox for my experiments in coding and debugging this weird yet wonderful language. Yes, I could’ve moved on to Chrome and its developer tools, but I liked Firebug and I could get things done. The JavaScript on this blog site (and others I own) were completely debugged using Firebug. Firebug convinced me that global variables were a bad thing. And so on. […]



There’s a pretty good easy-listening guitar-based album from Dominic Miller called Shapes. He’s been working with Sting for a long time, and one of the tracks on the album is an extremely good re-recording of Sting’s Shape of my Heart song. All well and good as a recommendation, but what’s this got to do with anything? Bear with me… […]