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Moneyspire, a month later: the UX

(This post follows on from a couple of earlier ones, one , two , as I seek to replace Microsoft Money for my personal financial accounts.) In my main job, I work for DevExpress , a company that designs and writes user interface components for other programmers to use in creating the visual aspect to their applications. Controls like menus, ribbons, grids, charts, dashboards, reporting, what have you. We spend a lot of time in the design phase, working out how a particular control should work, not...


MicroCobol programming cheat sheet

And in today’s lunchtime blast from the past: a Summary Card for the programming language MicroCobol from my very first job as a programmer. “Do what?,” I can hear my developer audience from here. “WTF is MicroCobol?” Well, sit yourself comfortably and listen up. Pages 1 & 2 After getting my degree in Mathematics, I decided that the programming life was for me. I joined a company called CAP-CPP (the CAP stood for “Computer Analysts and Programmers” but the CPP bit eludes me), and they immediately...


Content Security Policy is hard, and then there’s Pinterest and AddThis

Over the past month, I’ve embarked on an update of my blogging sites to make them secure. All told, I maintain three, all using GraffitiCMS as the backend: this site, , and my wife’s crafting site. This site? Well, yes, it’s going to be a complete bear to do, mainly because it’s in two parts: the current GraffitiCMS blog (which you’re reading now, hosted on and my old static blog site (hosted on I’m still unsure as to how I’m going to do this, or even how it...