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Case-sensitive website on AWS

As part of my divestiture from GoDaddy hosting for, I had to move my old static site as well as this blog. The static site moved to (being the second wave of blogging I did for boyet) and the third current wave is still on (but now resides on Microsoft Azure). Because that second wave served up static pages (there ain’t no blog engine there) and because Amazon’s AWS is dirt cheap in those circumstances (plus it can serve it up securely via HTTPS and SSL), that’s where I moved it. I added a bit of code to’s web.config to redirect requests and all was good. […]


Blue screening Dell XPS 13 9370

So, over the Christmas holidays I bought myself a refurbished Dell XPS 13 9370 to replace my three-year-old XPS 13 9350 and … wait for it … a 1TB Samsung EVO 960 SSD to go in it. The laptop just came with 512GB, which these days is JUST NOT ENOUGH! […]


Securing, part N: DONE!

After some time gnawing at my fingernails being properly indecisive, I finally pulled the trigger: moved this blog to Azure, and added an SSL certificate to make it secure. It’s now all done: all the internal links have been updated, the web.config has been properly modified, it works in Firefox and Chrome. In the middle of all this, I also updated my laptop (which didn’t help since Windows Live Writer can no longer be installed and is dead, dead, dead, so hello Open Live Writer, which admittedly also seems to be lying down at the bottom of the cage, feet in the air). […]