Securing, part N: DONE!

After some time gnawing at my fingernails being properly indecisive, I finally pulled the trigger: moved this blog to Azure, and added an SSL certificate to make it secure. It’s now all done: all the internal links have been updated, the web.config has been properly modified, it works in Firefox and Chrome. In the middle of all this, I also updated my laptop (which didn’t help since Windows Live Writer can no longer be installed and is dead, dead, dead, so hello Open Live Writer, which admittedly also seems to be lying down at the bottom of the cage, feet in the air).

To be honest, it wasn’t really worth the worry; apart from some wacky issues that sorted themselves out pretty quickly once I’d turned on HTTPS, and turned off the Google+ support I was still using (Why? Oh, why?), it was pretty much the same as my previous site migrations. There’s still one issue that’s a problem, but since it’s an admin type feature (not available to readers), I’m not particularly worried about it; I can get around it.

Now to decide what to do next vis-à-vis blogging. This site is still a (heavily-modified) GraffitiCMS blog and will remain so, but perhaps it’s time to look at something else. I was hoping Orchard Core would be done, but not yet. I could use Orchard CMS itself, or I could look at a static site generator… We’ll see.

Construction zone

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