Coincidence, nostalgia

I’ve had my Audi A3 for over nine years now, and will probably keep it for a while longer. Reason? It’s a manual transmission, which I prefer, and Audi no longer import manuals. Also, I’m now used to not having a car payment, be it lease or loan, and have no desire to embark on that journey again. So, at just over 10K miles per year, it ticked over the magic 100K miles just over a month ago. Nice!

And then I’d just got a red traffic light on my way somewhere, and noticed while I was waiting that the mileage was 100116. It rang a bell, so for fun I took a photo with my phone before the lights changed.

What was so special about 100116? It took me a little while, but then I remembered. I used to have a CompuServe account waaaay back when, and my user id was … 100116,1572. When they finally expanded to include “proper” email, it became

Ah, CompuServe! I can’t remember when I got the account – late 80s probably – but at that time I used to help out on a CompuServe forum for TurboPower Software. It was that help that got me the job as developer at TurboPower and which caused me to move to the States in April/May 1993.

(In fact, you can Google 100116,1572 and find a number of sites that still reference it as a way to contact me…)

It wasn’t too long afterwards that the internet really started to take off and TurboPower purchased the domain and we all had new email addresses. I bought a bit later (November 1998), just after we got married, and TurboPower used to host it for a while on their web server for free. Eventually I had to purchase some hosting for it, once I started to blog in “earnest”.

Which brings me to another point: my blogging here has dropped off dramatically over the past few months. Reasons? Mostly I tweet bits and pieces, and publish smaller posts to Facebook, but given the absolute shitshow that Facebook has become, it’s time to put that to bed and to post back here again, even for those smaller posts. So expect some changes in the near future…

100116 miles

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