I am 3/7 of a US Citizen

OK, OK, it’s just a joke because in reality, I became a full US citizen way back on January 6, 2014, but in these days of COVID-19 and social distancing, I find myself doing weird mental arithmetic as I walk our dog Sirius through the various neighborhoods around us, as we steer ourselves past other walkers, maintaining that 6ft separation.

The latest calculation involves today, April 29, 2020. You see, on this same day in 1993, I landed at Denver’s Stapleton airport (which exists no more) in order to start my new life as developer at TurboPower Software in Colorado Springs. Yes, 27 years ago. And then of course, since I’ve just turned 63, my arithmetical mind arrived at the result that I’ve spent 3/7 of my life here in the States. Oh. Em. Gee.

Other stupid calculations? This year I have been CTO at DevExpress for 14 years, and I’ve been working pretty much for about 42. So … one third of my working life as CTO. Hmm.

How about the fact that I’ve been married to my beloved for 21 years? Ping! One third of my life! Oh, this is getting too easy.

Next year will be interesting too. The reason? Well, given that when I was 7, we moved to France, and when I was 10, Belgium, before returning to England at 11, that means 4 years of not living in England as a child. So what? Once you add in the 28 years of living in the US next year, one half of my life will have been living in England, and one half living in some other country. Boom!

So, three sevenths is my fraction du jour. And pretty much de l’année.

Denver Immigration Services sign

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