I am 30 years old!

Well, OK, not quite. But today is the anniversary of my arrival in the United States, or, more specifically, Colorado. Yep, I’ve now lived for 30 years in the US. Originally, I was going to stay for possibly three years, but it turned out that after those three years I’d sold my flat in Hammersmith and bought a house in Colorado Springs for my future wife and I (and, as it turned out, three kittens). Still makes me laugh: selling a one-bedroom flat in London to buy a three bedroom house in Colorado Springs.

So, I’ve lasted ten times as long as I’d originally thought. And it goes without saying, I have no desire to go back and live in London again, let alone England. I’m set in my ways and, perhaps, just too American!

Entry stamp 29 April 1993

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#1 Mark Boler said...
09-Feb-24 4:13 PM

Well I for one am glad you stayed. I remember eating lunch with you, Kim Kokkonen, my wife and I there in Colorado Springs. I remember it as if it were yesterday. And now it's 30 years later. Lot's have happened. Good to see you are still here.

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