Website Listing scam

There are days when I just want to give up, there are so many scams going around. Yesterday, it was getting this in the mail:

Website Listing scam

Oooh, list me, baby!

Yep, a company I’ve never heard of wants to make sure that one of my websites is, er, properly listed. To quote: “Annual Website Domain Listing on internet directory”. Nothing to do with registering my domain, making sure it’s visible and accessible. Nothing to do with the usual scammy ones that promise to make one’s website appear in the first page on Google for some unknown search term. Nope. They’ll just list domains “to enhance their Website exposure and to expose them to new customers through our directory”.

For $288. Per year.

Also love the fact they sent it to the “Offices of Julian Mark Bucknall”, hoping that the intern in the Accounting department just pays it without thinking.

(Had to look it up to see what others were saying. Examples: one, two, three.)


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