I don’t have a website?

Like many of my readers I’m sure, I get scam texts trying to sell me something, or pretending to be some financial institution, or attempting to deceive me into doing something I don’t need to do. Me? Probably one a week on average, although of late I’m getting “Vote for Me!” type texts as well. Roll on November 8th when that’ll all go away.

Anyway, imagine my stupefaction when I got this particular text this lunchtime:

I don't have a website?

I laughed my head off. Which was a bit embarrassing since I was in Noodles getting a take out.

I don’t have a website? Seriously? I’m guessing Scam Artist here didn’t even try Googling "Julian M Bucknall” because the first two results are (a) this boyet.com site, and (b) jmbucknall.com. And those are followed by my Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook accounts. Well I never.

In fact, in a couple of weeks’ time, I will have owned boyet.com for 24 years. I bought it as a delayed wedding present for us both. jmbucknall.com is now 8 years old. Hmm, “doesn’t have a website” indeed.

Yes, I reported the text as junk and deleted it.


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