More on caring less about clichés, or not

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about the nefarious phrase “could care less” (The popularity of “could care less” cannot be underestimated) saying it was not worth getting uptight about its use. I must have some very lenient readers because no one took umbrage at this thesis, which kind of made my exhortation at the end a little superfluous.

Cats reflection is differentHere goes, anyway. There were (at least) three other silly clichéd phrases in that post that are prone to be incorrectly parsed. Let’s briefly uncover them:

All in all, I hope you fail to miss my general gist: for informal conversation and writing, all of this doesn’t really matter. Informality ensures impermanence. For formal writing, I’d say clarity and style above all. Avoid over-negated clichés like these.

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