Opening QFX files with Microsoft Money

OK, OK, OK, I know. I should have moved on from an over-a-decade-old program to some other personal finance app, especially when it’s time to set up a new PC to run it. But, to be honest, the alternatives are just crap (one, two, three). I tried, but they’re awful.

The good news is that it’s easy to install Microsoft Money (the sunset edition). The bad news? It doesn’t open QFX files from your financial institutions with a double-click until they’re renamed as an OFX file. Rather than doing that, I’d rather set it up so that QFX files can just be double-clicked and magically imported so that I have more time to cry over my finances.

How to do that? Rather than copy what others have found, let me provide a link. In essence, it’s all about adding some stuff manually to the registry.

Reg file to import Quicken QFX files automatically into Money

This also will help me in the future when I replace/upgrade my “financial” PC again.

Code for cash

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