Reporting spam texts

I get spam phone calls on my landline, I get spam phone calls on my mobile. Sometimes, I play along with them to wind them up (especially those from “Windows Support” where I know what they’re going to say and the responses you give). Of late, I’ve started to get spam text on my phone. Just as annoying, but it’s easy to report them.

Do you want a loan from a spammer?

Wanna loan?

What you do is essentially this: copy the message, forward it to the number 7726 (which spells out S.P.A.M. on a phone keypad). You’ll get a reply from the carrier asking for the phone number it came from. Reply to that text with it, and you’re done.

On an iPhone, that translates to this set of steps. First, make a note of the phone number the text came from. Then press and hold that spam text, you’ll get a menu with Copy and More… options. Touch More… since this will select the text (a tick mark appears next to it) and gives you a Forward arrow to touch. Do so. This brings up a New Message screen. Enter 7726 as the To address, then send it. When you get the reply text (it’ll be almost immediately), enter the phone number you noted at the start and reply.

Spam text -- banner

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