Securing, part 2: secondboyet

Just a quick update after starting this series a couple of months ago: is now secure and, even better, gets an A+ from Even, gasp, the Content Security Policy.

I will fully admit here that, because is a pure static site (to remind readers who are unfamiliar with this, the site is generated using CityDesk, a well-dead-and-pushing-up-the-daisies-but-still-working app for creating blogs and websites), all I had to do was a cycle of visiting the site, making a note of all the security errors in the browser console, fixing them, and then repeat ad nauseam until it all passed.

Luckily for me the code that the site used to show when I was talking about algorithms and implementing them (here’s one on calculating π) was nearly always shown un-themed, and there were only six posts with code which used the color theme I had in Visual Studio. And which used style attributes in elements. Which, in turn, needed to be reset to use class attributes, together with a small update to the CSS file to include them.

Apart from that, pretty simple, if tedious.

And then I discovered that S3 is case-sensitive, all the time. This particular issue has never raised its head for me on my other AWS sites, and, although the links within the site would work just perfectly, my redirects from would sometimes work and, then, sometimes not. Since the permanent redirects are important, it seems that I shall have to reset all of the folders and posts on the new site to lowercase, and alter the redirect code as well. Or, better perhaps, write a bit of code that runs on a 404 error and redirects to the correctly cased URL. Mmm, decisions, decisions.

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