Some minor changes

For a few reasons, this year has been very different for me. More so than even 2020 and the start of the big pandemic was. For instance, I went to get my eyes checked about 6 months ago, got some new glasses with a new stronger prescription, and I still feel awkward and clumsy since everything seems closer but isn’t. Witness me falling flat on my face at Heathrow at the start of our vacation because I didn’t realize the curb was higher than I noticed.

I’ve only published three blog posts on this site so far for the year, and pretty much zero at work (I’ve been working in the background there, with no real visibility). I’m finding it harder to write well and quickly because I’m not doing it as much. Time for a change.

I’ve implemented a few fixes to the server for this site to make it easier for me to publish smaller posts more often. Example: I’ve written a bit of code that will auto-select cover photos for each post, rather than me trying to wade through my photo collection looking for something appropriate.

So I’m now pretty much ready to post smaller entries, say two or three a week, on a wider variety of topics. Of course, if there’s an occasion for a longer post, I’ll do it.


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