Stupid wingnut emails...

American Idiot, On Broadway!photo © 2010 Bill Abbott | more info (via: Wylio)Long ago someone signed me up to get emails from this wacko right-winger. Her emails are unfailingly stupid/vapid, forwarded ad nauseam, written in deathless, breathless prose, and the all-caps multi-exclamation-marked topics are easily debunked by 5 seconds research on Consequently they are hilarious.

This morning's endlessly forwarded email (by the way Lynn, thanks for all the addresses I can harvest, being a spam overlord 'n' all) is a diatribe supposedly from Lee Iacocca about Obama. Except the text is badly copied from his co-authored book published in 2007 that rants about Bush, Jr. Google "Gas prices are going to skyrock again" (yep I love misspellings when searching -- you get a way more accurate result) to see the diatribe, and, two results further on, the debunking.


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